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  • How does BIE work?
    Bioenergetic pathways allow energetic signals to flow through and around our bodies. When blockages occur in these meridian, the body is unable to recognize stressors, which results in homestatic imbalance. The patented GSR-120 unit directs energy to acupuncture points carrying the frequency of a stressor enabling the body to “recognize” the stressor. There is no manipulation the cells whatsoever. The result is a “homeostasis” of the cells activity. Once the procedure is complete, the body no longer seems to regard the stressor as a threat when exposed to it, therefore ceases to produce any further adverse reactions. In postulation, we aren’t treating a medical condition or disease, we are simply helping the body’s cells to balance themselves in order to allow for stressor recognition and then the healing process can commence.
  • What is a stressor?
    Stressors are various energies that block the body from functioning properly. Stressors can be food, chemicals, environmental toxins (dust, mold, pollen, grass), pet dander, or electro-magnetic fields (radiations from cell phones, WIFI, computers, or microwaves).
  • How do you test for stressors?
    Stressor testing is done by biofeedback analysis, also known as muscle testing. It uses the body's energy as a gauge to determine the level of intolerance of a given substance.This testing is simple, painless, non-invasive, and can be done for people of all ages, including pets. Needles are not required.
  • What can I expect at my first visit?
    The initial consultation will include a review of client history and current health concerns, an information session on the BIE modality, nutritional counseling, extensive stressor testing and a BIE session with the GSR-120 unit. We will be working with acupuncture points and bare feet. Please allow 60 – 90 minutes. Subsequent visits may be required in order to achieve homeostasis, and take 30 – 45 minutes. It is important to drink a sufficient amount of water the day before and the day of your BIE session in order to ensure best results. Please avoid coffee, alcohol and energy drinks the night before and day of the appointment.
  • How many BIE sessions will I need?
    On average, only 1-4 sessions are necessary to normalize an intolerance using BIE. Approximately 75% of intolerances are normalized in the very first session. However, depending on the individual’s degree of intolerance, stress level, amount of bodily toxins, hydration level and the strength of their immune system, it may require additional BIE sessions to balance the remaining 25%. Once the intolerance is removed and homeostasis is achieved, it usually does not require subsequent or yearly visits (dependent on the above factors, which affect homeostasis). ​Response rates and efficacy for symptom relief relies completely on the individual's body.
  • Are there any side effects?
    BIE sessions are completely safe, but you may experience temporary, harmless side effects during the process of creating homeostasis, known as the healing process. Healing process: Signs of the body naturally cleansing itself. The healing process can start the day of the session or up to 3 weeks after in some cases, and may last from 1 to 28 days. Possible healing process symptoms: Headache Sore throat Sinus congestion Fatigue, lethargy Aches and pains Nausea
  • What kinds of intolerances can be normalized?
    Examples of, but not limited to: Food: fruits, vegetables, proteins, legumes, sugar, dairy, nuts, grains, gluten and food additives Beverages: alcohol, soda, water, tea, coffee and juice Seasonal allergies: plants, pollens, weeds, grasses and trees Household toxins: house dust, dust mites, household cleaners Chemical sensitivities: perfumes, cleaners and detergents Mold: indoor and outdoor molds Animals: insects, cats, dogs, rabbits and horses Self: Vitamins, minerals and amino acids, digestive enzymes, hormonal imbalances Geopathic stressors: heat, cold, barometric pressures, equilibrium, altitude/motion sickness and weather changes Radiation: allergies to sun sensitivity, sunburns Heavy metals: mercury, aluminum, nickel etc. Fabrics: wool, animal fur, cotton, latex and synthetic fibers
  • What about anaphylactic allergies?
    All anaphylactic allergies require a minimum of 4 sessions and only that one substance can be normalized in each session. ​Important note: Anyone with an anaphylactic allergy MUST be given consent by their medical doctor or medical allergist 8 months after the last session before ingesting or being exposed to the allergen that has been cleared. Due to circulating antibodies, it may generally take anywhere from 3 months to a year before the body has normalized itself so that it no longer reacts to the substance when the traditional "scratch test" is administered. During this time, you should in no way ingest or expose yourself to that substance until your doctor has given you permission. Any and all "food challenges" MUST be done with the permission of, and under the supervision of your medical doctor or allergist at a medical facility. ​ ​BIE practitioners are not medical doctors and are not responsible for actions taken by individuals against advice.

60 - 90 mins

  • Review client history and current health concerns

  • Information session on the BIE modality

  • Extensive stressor testing

  • BIE session with GSR-120 unit

45 - 60 mins

  • Re-test previous intolerances for re-balancing, if necessary

  • Continue clearance and balancing of other intolerances

Apologies, we do NOT accept any medical insurance.

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